Top 20 Electrical Cable Manufacturers and Suppliers in India


When it comes to lighting or powering the world with energy, electric cables play a critical role. They are the sole way to move power from one location to another. Cable makers all across the world are working hard to meet the growing demand for high-quality cables that can safely and reliably power the planet. Cable firms’ revenue has grown at a CAGR of 14-15 per cent over the last 15 years.

India’s cable firms have constantly performed well in order to provide their best to the country’s electricity industry and economy. In this article, Pakka Business will provide the top 20 Electric Cable Manufacturers and Suppliers in India that continuously deliver the finest results for the electricity sector and the economy.

  1. KEI Industries Limited is a company based in Japan.

In the year 1968, KEI Industries Limited was founded. It is the top Electric Cable Manufactures and Supplier in India. KEI, based in Delhi, manufactures a variety of high-quality cables, including low and high-tension power cables, winding lines, and more. These cables meet the needs of a variety of industries, including railways, fertilizers, and real estate. In addition to India, it conducts business in Dubai, South Korea, Singapore, and Kazakhstan.

2. RR Kabel

RR Kabel is a company based in Germany. Among the top Electric Cable Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, RR Kabel is a very well-known brand. With operations at Silvassa, Waghodia, DNH, and Gujarat, it caters to the electrical industry. Every year, it produces about 2909625 CKM of PVC insulated cable. RR Kabel claims annual growth of over 25% with a workforce of over 1000 employees.

3. Finolex Cables Limited

Finolex Cables, is a renowned brand that serves the cable sector through its five high-tech cable manufacturing plants in Pimpri, Goa, Urse, and Roorkee. It is one of the few electrical sectors with over 4,000 channel partners and 30,000 dealers throughout the world. In both the commercial and residential sectors, the brand is known for producing high-quality electric wires.

4. Polycab India Limited

Polycab India Limited, with 22 manufacturing facilities dedicated solely to wires and cables, is making a significant contribution to the lighting of our country. Power cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires, multicore cables, communication cables, and control cables are all produced by the company.

5. Prime Cables Industries Ltd.

In recent years, Prime Cables has established itself as one of India’s top Electric Cable Manufacturers and Suppliers. Prime Cables’ high-quality shielded cables have been the preferred option of a huge number of Indian clients. The brand sells high-quality cables and wires that are fire-resistant, climate-resistant, and have a long life expectancy.

6.KEC International Limited

KEC International is based in Mumbai and operates two production plants in Mysore and Vadodara. Because the brand is so well-known, it never sacrifices the durability of its cables and wires. Its strong insulated cables bring in more than annual revenue. They are widely trusted across the nation.

7. V-Guard Industries Private Ltd.

V-Guard started manufacturing electrical cables in 1996 and now have attained position 7 as the Electric Cable Manufactures and Suppliers in India. They promise to deliver a brighter future to our homes and businesses. They offer world-class wires and cables to Indian electrical retailers with the help of over 1000 personnel and contemporary equipment.

8. Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

Sterlite Technologies Ltd. was spun off into a separate company. With around 350 employees, they opened branches in New Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo in 2016. It offers turnkey solutions to enhance and increase corridor intensity in addition to electric cable manufacture.

9. Havells India Ltd.

Havells guarantees that its wires will not catch fire since they are insulated with high-quality PVC. Its cable manufacturing facility is located in Alwar, Rajasthan, and produces about 70,000 kilometres of insulated cable each year. Havells sells over 97% of its total production in India and the remaining 3% outside the country becoming top 9 Electric Cable Manufactures and Suppliers in India.

10.  Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd. is a company that specialises in power infrastructure. Founded in 1970, the company’s headquarters are in Vadodara, Gujarat, with branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Bangalore etc. they provide cables (low tension, high tension, and extremely high voltage) up to 550 kV, transmission lines, relay control panels.

11. Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.

Founded in 1961, with headquarters in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Gupta Power’s headquarters are in Kolkata, with marketing offices in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and a few more cities. Rhino wires and cables debuted in 2014, replacing earlier brands such as G-Power, G-Trans, and others. Smart conductors such as HVCRC, domestic cables with RoHS compliance, and fire survival cables for power cable segments, are a few of their latest advances.

12. Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd.

Shilpi Cable Technologies Ltd. is headquartered in New Delhi but has its plants set up in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana and Karnataka. Cables, Wires, Wiring Harnesses, and Cable Accessories are among the products available. They have a strong presence in the telecommunications, automotive, and consumer durables industries.

13. Universal Cables Ltd.

The company was founded in 1962. They offer a wide range of electrical wires like XLPE power cables, control and instrumentation cables, speciality cables, and optical fibre cables are some of the products available. System design, cable supplies, cable jointing and completion, laying, setup, and testing are all part of the company’s underground power transmission solution package.

14. Apar Industries Ltd.

A widely respected company, Apar Industries have manufactured and supplied superior electrical wires for years now.  New anti-theft cable, underwater cable, HT covered conductor, solar & windmill cables were all developed by the company. Their wires are greatly trusted granting them as one of the top Electric Cable Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

15. Anchor by Panasonic

Panasonic’s Anchor Established in 1963, the company has been manufacturing wires since 1998. Anchor manufactures about 3,000 products in 20 big product areas, including switches and wiring devices, wires and cables, and caters to the residential and industrial infrastructure sectors in India.

16. AKSH Optifibre Ltd.

The company is still the world leader in FRP manufacture and proudly exports to over 56 nations. It is relentlessly promoting itself to reach more international markets and expand its global presence. They provide Inside Duct Installation of Metal-Free Optical Fibre Cables, Armoured Optical Fibre Cables for Direct Burial and Inside Duct Applications to name among a few electrical wires.

17. Lapp India Pvt Ltd.

Lapp has a large product range of over 40,000 items, including glands and connectors, so it’s not just about cables, but also everything that goes with them. Each year, the Bangalore manufacturing facility produces approximately 1,00,000 km of LFLEX® connecting and control cables, as well as insulated single cores.

18. Leoni Cable Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The Leoni & Cable Solutions Division is moving ahead with its internationalisation in India and its neighbouring countries, with the launch of the new factory near Pune. Initially, the plant would supply standard cables to India’s burgeoning car industry. In the future, they aspire to make customised cables for the automotive industry as well as cables for the petrochemical industry.

19. Plaza Cables

Plaza Cables is known for its high quality. R K Cable, currently known as PLAZA CABLES, has gone a long way since its inception 35 years ago, establishing itself as a key participant in the cable and wires sector. Plaza has been setting standards of quality and safety with all of its products since its foundation. 

20. RPG Cables

RPG Cables has an illustrious history. Over the years, the company has expanded through synergies resulting from collaborations and innovative advancements, which have helped it stand out from the crowd and become one of India’s leading cable makers. The newly opened state-of-the-art factory in Vadodara has the potential to produce 3600 kilometres of cables up to 220 kV each year and boasts a number of ‘Firsts,’ including best-in-class plant and machinery from leading manufacturers throughout the world.

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