Selling Socks: A Networking Tale of Adaptation


Adwait had just started his own business selling handmade socks and was excited to attend his first business networking event.

As he walked into the conference room, he saw a sea of suits and briefcases. Adwait felt a bit out of place in his casual button-down and khakis, but he knew he had to make a good impression if he wanted to grow his business.

He walked up to the first person he saw, a woman in a power suit, and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Adwait and I sell handmade socks,” he said with a smile.

The woman looked at him quizzically and replied, “Handmade socks? That’s a bit of an odd choice for a business.”

Adwait was taken aback but decided to brush it off and move on to the next person. He walked up to a man in a suit and tie and repeated his introduction.

The man looked at him and said, “Handmade socks? That’s a bit of an odd choice for a business.”


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Adwait was starting to feel a bit self-conscious, but he decided to keep going. He walked up to the next person and repeated his introduction.

“Handmade socks? That’s a bit of an odd choice for a business,” the person replied.

Adwait couldn’t take it anymore. He decided to change his approach and introduced himself from a different angle.

“Hi, I’m Adwait and I sell the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear,” he said with confidence.

This time, the person’s face lit up. “That’s much better! I could use some new socks, let me take a look at your products.”

From that point on, Adwait had a successful networking experience, making great connections and even closing a few deals on his handmade socks. He left the event feeling proud of himself and his unique business.

The end.

The moral of the story is that it’s important to present yourself and your business in a positive and confident way and to be open to adapting your approach if something is not working.

Additionally, it’s also important to not be discouraged by initial failures or rejections and to keep trying. A unique and different approach can make all the difference.

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