How can an e- Procurement platform like Pakka Business be the biggest asset to a company?


B2B procurement refers to a company’s interactions with other businesses. Due to its massive magnitude, the sales cost a great deal of money and time. But with an ever-increasing sale, businessmen have noticed there are way too few platforms that can provide the services to conduct an easy-flowing business.

So it’s not an overstatement to say that an e-Procurement platform like Pakka Business might just be a platform businesses need.

  • AI-enabled e-Procurement Software

Pakka Business offers a user-friendly cloud platform that enables users to automatically
save and edit their documents. It is specifically designed to automate the entire
procurement process and revolutionize B2B E-commerce. It significantly reduces the
time of B2B buyers by providing a platform that houses sellers throughout the country.

  • Reduction in Overheads

Provides B2B sellers automatically generated inquiries, significantly reducing marketing
& sales expenses. Overheads include expenditures wasted on promoting materials, trade
shows, paid advertisements, supplies, telephone bills, travel expenditures, and utilities,
etc that take a lot of time and manpower.

  • Receive Best Price Quotations

Complex vendor development is made simpler by providing the best price quotations
amongst all the sellers automatically through its algorithm. Buyers can compare all
available quotations which include price, warranty, payment terms, delivery schedule,
etc., and choose the one most suitable for them instantly.

  • Pakka Business Offers Automated Email Notifications

The software uses automated email notifications for all of your email communications,
such as new quotations, invoices received, and purchase order amendment requests.
Users receive an email instantly once an order is placed or updated save documents for
references and business.

  • Provides World-class Cloud Software

Pakka Business also gives world-class cloud software to create, manage and track RFQs,
Quotations, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payments, and Payment Requests all in one store.
Additionally, users can edit POs unlimitedly and track them from anywhere. Sellers get
the feature of making unlimited changes to their quotations and once the payment has
been recorded by the buyer, a receipt is automatically created and sent.

It cannot get any better than Pakka Business!

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