Best Sourcing and E-Procurement Software for EPC companies


A cloud-based platform that helps EPC companies procure at the best available rates. Pakka business helps create, track, store and access all procurement-related documents on the go. 80% of an EPC companies’ expenses are towards procurement due to the kind of projects they execute which are very capital intensive, hence it’s vital that EPC companies automate their procurement to procure at the best price and cut down on procurement lead time to avoid delays in their projects.

Pakka Business is ideal for EPC companies involved in :

  • Solar projects execution
  • Real estate construction
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • MEP contracts
  • General construction

Why EPC companies need user-friendly procurement software?

Our aim is to provide companies with an experience that keeps them wanting to switch to digital procurement forever.

EPC companies usually undertake projects which are capital intensive with procurement at the heart of it. Pakka business digitalizes the entire procurement process that helps EPC companies cut down on time and resources.

  • Companies can easily float inquiries on Pakka Business portal as per their requirement.
  • The inquiry is received by relevant vendors registered on Pakka business who can quote and make an offer.
  • Once users start receiving quotations, they can compare offers on various parameters helping them procure at the best price.
  • Users can also negotiate, create purchase orders, record transactions and have access to all procurement documents 24*7 on the go through our cloud-based storage.

By automating the entire procurement process, EPC companies save time, resources and cost enabling them to focus on more important aspects of their projects.

Easy access to multiple vendors

EPC companies can easily access multiple vendors from all across the country.
Compare offers received from scores of registered vendors to select the best offer.
Save time scouting for vendors, having limited options, and negotiating with them.

Create Purchase orders

Customize purchase orders from various available templates along with easy pre-made
Create, send, amend, print and track POs on the go.

Record Transactions

Post procurement, Record and track transactions such as amount payable and receivable with
just a click.
Keep transaction history and documents ready for future references.

Why Pakka business is the best procurement software for EPC?

Your Privacy is our priority– Pakka business is built to keep all procurement
documents safe and private.

Real-time Dashboard– Stay updated through the comprehensive dashboard. Keep
track of payables, receivables, and the GST filing status of vendors.

Knowledge Base– FAQs and page tips are provided on every page of the user-face,
videos on YouTube, and ‘how to’ articles that help users use Pakka Business to its
fullest potential.

Mobile Apps-Pakka Business has a website and is available on both iOS and Android devices
making it accessible to users 24/7 from anywhere.

Instant Notifications– Pakka Business instantly notifies users through SMS and emails whenever a quotation is received or a procurement activity takes place so that you worry less
and procure more!

User-friendly– Pakka Business is extremely easy to learn and use. The smooth user interface gives users an ultimate experience that makes them never go back to the manual procurement cycle.

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