5 reasons why you should choose a B2B Portal right now and save you up to 20% in procurement.


With the world now almost completely digitalized, your buyers, vendors, and distribution partners all now expect to be able to conduct business with you electronically.

Even though establishing personal interactions and relationships in the old ‘customer support’ days is still crucial, nowadays people like the option to do their own research on products and make B2B purchases virtually and swiftly, without direct interaction with a person. They expect simple self-service on their preferred mobile phones while sitting in their homes, with immediate access to product details, support networks, and other critical data.

Customers typically obtain expertise and insight by participating in group conversations and product forums. Distributors and agents will benefit from having easy access to critical information and knowledge since they will be able to address problems faster and avoid picking up the phone. Here is where B2B portals have become the next big thing!

What exactly is a B2B Portal?

A B2B portal is generally used as a digital site for wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers to conduct business online. Orders, invoices, and payments can all be sent electronically via these sites, for example, TatSatt. B2B refers to business to business, which means that communication and transactions take place between one company endeavor to another. Targeted clients are not contacted directly, and products are not sold directly to end-users on B2B sites.

B2B sites have evolved into the most well-organized and technologically advanced modes for company transactions and even a sales platform. It allows the user/companies to communicate with enterprises and businesses all around the world. They are among the most secure portals, with all safety and protective protocols in place for commercial transactions. In fact, 90% of the marketplace is focusing on B2B portals in order to attract trustworthy and dedicated consumers!

As a result, B2B websites provide equal chances to small, medium, and large enterprises, as well as worldwide corporations. It allows a company or organization to establish electronic relationships with its distributors, dealers, vendors, and other colleagues. B2B websites are the most recent advancement in the field of business-enhancing tools and are a forum for diverse commercial operations that may be carried out globally on your desktop or laptop.

Marketing strategy makes it possible for the company to adjust rapidly to any unforeseen development of the world or economy. A well-thought-out strategy can alter the course of events. Better control over everything translates to improved expenditure and resource allocation. Companies that do not use B2B marketing are missing out on additional opportunities to grow.

5 reasons why should you choose a B2B Portal like TatSatt

  • Self-service and purchase via a cutting-edge digital interface-You can handle your connection with various consumers, distributors, and collaborators from a unified system with a B2B portal. It can accommodate complicated product setups and also the entire service and product portfolio. It’s a website that lets your clients juggle their own funds and purchases, as well as set purchase restrictions and budgets.

  • Manual processing is eliminated, resulting in less administrative effort and increased efficiency- Personnel can devote more time to the strategic and regular relations with clients, dealers, collaborators, and wholesalers instead of the day-to-day administrative tasks of replying to product inquiries and purchase inquiries.

  • Get started quickly and effortlessly- TatSatt has a long and reputable experience in developing and delivering high-quality B2B portals. You can benefit from a speedy installation within a predetermined budget and scope when you combine our unique experience with the newest technology. Our specialized technical and functional applications management group can also provide ongoing support, so you can rest confident that everything is in good hands.

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership with the best cloud solution- Package Solution that runs on Cloud Platform and is fully linked with on-premise or cloud back-end systems, ensuring that your organization will benefit from lower TCO. With B2B portals like TatSatt, you don’t have to worry about your documents piling up, instead, you can always store them all in one place under one platform.

  • Stock control and planning can be improved with real-time insight- A B2B portal can help you to juggle your complete portfolio and information from a specific platform, making purchase processing throughout all channels, including ordering products in bulk, renewing old orders, and universal fulfillment, simple and straightforward. It also enables you to create an internet community that assists your clients in making informed choices and expanding their knowledge about the product.

Now that you know the benefits of a trusted B2B Portal, what are you waiting for? Register your organisation on TatSatt and automate your procurement and sales process in the most uncomplicated way possible!

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